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in pursuit of a forgotten city

exhibition 4
11 feb to 7th mar
in pursuit of a forgotten city
a photographers romance with champaner

the world heritage site champaner-pavagadh in gujarat, india has a history that dates from the 2nd century ad. once a prosperous medieval capital built by the pre-mughal sultans of Gujarat, the city is dotted with rajput-hindu, jain, Islamic secular and religious monuments.

photographer rahul gajjar has deep and abiding love for india’s architectural heritage. the main focus of his work over the last three decades has been documenting this UNESCO world heritage site. he has captured champaner-pavagadh in its various moods in varying seasons and at different times of the day. he has a collection of more than 50,000 images of the site. presently he is involved in documenting the 33 existing UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India. he has so far photographed 18 sites in India and 15 abroad.

over the last few years, he has moved away from the technological and artistic engagement that traditional photography offers and is trying to push the frontiers both in terms of sophistication of the technology he works with and with the expressive exploration it offers him as an artist. he has extensively worked as a new media artist having introduced the medium in India. his photographs and digital artworks have been exhibited worldwide. in 2013, he was awarded the gujarat gaurav puraskar by the government of gujarat for his contribution to photography.
designer sonal maheshwari collaborated with rahul gajjar in 2012 to design and produce exclusive fine art jewellery, hand woven silk sarees, stoles and scarves based on the architectural elements and exquisite carvings from this site.

dog and the dancer 20 x 30
moonrise at saat kamaan 10 x 15
way side shrine 10 x 15
hauz e vazu, jama masjid, 10 x 15
saat kamaan 10 x 15
boy with dogs, 10 x 15
lakulish temple 10 x 15
holy cow_s raincoat 10 x 15
ribbed dome, jama masjid 20 x 30
two donkeys 10 x 15
masauleum nagina masjid 10 x 15
girl at helical step well 20 x 30
jali, latticed window, 10 x 15
bawan deri jain temple 10
façade _ corridor jama masjid 10 x 15
flight of the pigeon 10 x 15