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raising the roof

exhibition 3
3rd jan - 22nd jan
print and multimedia works by dr. chila kumari burman

born in 1962 in liverpool to a hindu punjabi family, chila kumari burman has lived and worked in london since attending slade school of fine arts (ma printmaking). from the mid-1980s she has been exploring the experiences and aesthetics of asian femininity in paintings, installations, photography, printmaking, video and film.

chila’s current art practice is a progressive culmination of over twenty years of experimental work in a wide range of media including photography, photomontage, graphics, plastic arts, video, sound, installation and performance. much of her work emerges from a tradition of graphic political satire, generated from an adversarial position within the gender and identity politics of a post-colonial, class oriented, and visually saturated contemporary britain. by dwelling on the poetics of visual composition and arrangement - dealing with the complexities of framing, layering and assemblage - an alternative and distinctive formal relationship has emerged in her work.

chila has most recently finished working on a tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) that the london science museum is showcasing until march 2018. in 2014 she had a series named “riot series” in the tate collection and in the early 2000s chila did many group and solo shows including valentine crush in 2007, candy pop & juicy lucy in 2006 and wellcome trust opening show 2007.

as an internationally established artist, chila has exhibited in india, pakistan, syria, thailand, hong kong, singapore, south africa, usa, canada, cuba, spain, france, poland, ukraine sweden. her collections lie in several public and private collections including the victoria and albert museum, tate collection, wellcome trust london, arts council england and with sir richard branson.

Absolute 21" x 17"
Best friends 22" x 29"
Black Panther 25" x 33"
Buddha 13" x 71"
Coolest elephant in town 20" x 17"
Electric girl 17" x 13"
Fortune 33" x 44"
Ganesh with his lillies 45" x 49"
Global fiddle IV 31.5" x 42.8"
Hot date 34" x 44"
Mendi ke per 34" x 25"
Monster in the Maze 25" x 33"
Pop 32" x 21"
Punjabi rockers 22" x 29"
Red Spot 22" x 28"
Shiv Ji with ice lollies 23" x 30"
Snake 19" x 27"
The healing game 22" x 29"