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the story of yum sa begins from our journeys to thailand and the surrounding countries, through their infinite world of wonderful flavours. an aroma that seems to linger in the air and follows you no matter which part of the world you may travel to. we have brought to Putney, London an asian restaurant influenced with the flavours of Thailand to be positioned as the best modern thai venue in London and the surrounding regions.


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grab your daily doze of vitamins | immuniser | booster with our fresh squeezed | pressed | brewed beverages bottled on site. choose your favourite fruits and vegetables handpicked daily to create your personalised bottle.



the gallery in yum sa, Putney, London is the culmination of hard work and careful planning, the aesthetic undoubtedly reflects that with artists assembled from around the globe to feature their unique art and styles. each exhibition being unique to the london market and synergising with the restaurant flavours. the gallery is also available for hire where our patrons can book an event, personal celebration or even a business meeting.



amongst the bustle of the tuk tuks and wonders of various food vendors, we would disappear and indulge in an experience that would satisfy, rejuvenate, and heal the senses from within. at amata, our personal mediation room, you can lose yourself and discover your true energies with meditative music, chants and frequencies.

where the thai palate is celebrated in a global alchemy of taste and color a harmony of food, drink and soul entwined in a balance from beginning to end and back full circle

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CLEP (Culinary Lab East Putney)

CLEP (Culinary Lab East Putney)
Yum Sa collaborating with various Chefs, Artists and...

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ramakien series

exhibition 1

informed by our years of substantive association in the...

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285 hz

this frequency helps return tissue into its original form. 285 hz influences energy fields, sending...

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